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Discussione: Nuovo C-melody by Aquilasax!!!!!!

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    Nuovo C-melody by Aquilasax!!!!!!

    Aquilasax è riuscito nell'intento di produrre un c-melody di nuova concezione, con meccanica e intonazione moderne.
    Io non ne ho mai provato uno. Chi prima lo piglia prima ne parli!!

    Ecco il sito di riferimento: http://www.aquilasax.com/

    The C-melody Tenor sax,
    the sax that made the 20's roar, has resurrected!

    "C tenor, the (user friendly) sensible Sax"

    A new C tenor has been produced 2007. Gold (clear lacquer) models now in stock!
    It is a narrow bore, as usual, with a completely modern ergonomic keywork design, going to high F#.
    It has a curved neck as standard with a straight neck option. Adjustable thumb hook and balanced hook ring.
    They will be available in a range of finishes including gold laquer, nickel, black and silver. (picture of prototype bare brass, Black nickel below) Plain or engraved.
    Engraving is by hand and the first batch has an avian theme. (Pic of engraver below)
    They will have genuine NZ Paua shell inserts on the thumb rest.
    They will come in a high impact molded foam and fabric case as seen on good horns page with Bb tenor.
    Due to the devaluation of the US Dollar, the cost of the New saxes has gone up but I have decided to keep the base price the same and just charge extra for the extras. Mouthpieces will also be extras as most people have one already. I'll knock 3 dollars off a Classic mpc with the sax.
    Basic Gold laquered model will cost $700.00, silver plating cost is $30. Nickel silver or Black nickel is $20. extra. Engraving will cost $20. And a straight neck will be $90. more.
    Shipping should be @ $95. direct to customer.
    They are being produced in China and will represent the best quality for the best price.
    These are not student horns.
    If you are interested, please email Steve with the subject line, "new C sax wanted", you will be sent major updates on progress of this exciting venture. Email: aquilasax@yahoo.co.nz

    What to Expect from the new C Sax.

    My first impression of the new C sax was how shiny and new they look. Of course they have bright finish on them not like the matte silver on the vintage C mels.

    The proportions look great, the neck doesn’t look too big like on the vintage models. Especially with the under slung octave rocker! Having a row of bell keys looks neat too. I also appreciate the look of the new key guards. The old ones looked like just a piece of wire had been used! The engraving is done by hand and is subject to minor variations and will be a matter of taste I guess but the quality is better than my old Conn.

    The feel of any new sax takes getting used to as the key positions are slightly different. The most noticeable difference is the left hand palm keys which stand out more than the vintage saxes. The old C mels (and sopranos) seemed to have been designed for people with small hands the keys being very close to the body. If you have small hands, you may prefer a vintage C. The first 20 new C saxes had the bell Bb key too far south and was no easier to reach than the old C mels so that has been remedied on the subsequent batches. The new pinky table has a smooth fluid action which takes getting used to for a vintage player but much easier to use! The key action is so light and smooth compared to the vintage models and so easy to blow.

    The tone is wonderful! Rich and woody sounding, deeper than an alto of course but going up to high F# and beyond into the altissimo range! I wonder if they could be used to double for Clarinets? They are louder than vintage C mels, having metal resonators as standard and the Aquilasax Metalpro mouthpiece is not useful for practicing while the neigbours are home. Testing with the straight neck showed a wonderful ability to play softly or to scream at will with just a standard plastic mpc. The Aquilasax Classic matches beautifully.

    Ciao a tutti!!
    Dal sopranino al baritono R&C

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    Re: Nuovo C-melody by Aquilasax!!!!!!

    Caspita! Sembra interessante e anche il costo lo è. L'ideale, effettivamente, sarebbe provarlo! :ghigno:
    A: Grassi Professional 2000, Woodwind
    T: Grassi Professional 2000, Woodwind
    B: Grassi Professional 2000 disc., Meyer 7M
    C-Melody: Holton
    Akai Ewi 4000s
    Pocket sax

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    Re: Nuovo C-melody by Aquilasax!!!!!!

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da CARO
    Caspita! Sembra interessante e anche il costo lo è. L'ideale, effettivamente, sarebbe provarlo! :ghigno:
    eh si, speriamo esponga a Francoforte che sicuramente è più vicino della Nuova Zelanda!!!!
    Dal sopranino al baritono R&C

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